Call to Action – Trump’s Financial Interests

Not only has President Trump failed to release his tax returns, but he’s also been very dodgy when it comes to revealing where his financial interests lie.

Traditionally, US Presidents divest themselves of any holdings that may even appear to be a conflict of interest:

  • Jimmy Carter put his family peanut farm into a trust.
  • Richard Nixon sold off his assets.
  • John F. Kennedy put all of his assets into a blind trust.

These are only examples, but they make a point.

Has Donald Trump done this? NO.

President Trump has claimed he would do the same, but has failed to follow through.

Today’s call to action is to call the House Oversight Committee at 202-225-5074. Make sure you identify yourself as an American citizen and then demand a Bi-Partisan Review of all President Trump’s Financials and Conflicts of Interest. 

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