2nd Action of Today – NC Medicaid Expansion

Governor Roy Cooper has pledged to expand Medicaid as outlined under the Affordable Care Act.

Because of that, North Carolina lawmakers have filed a lawsuit.

The lawsuit names federal and state Health and Human Services officials as defendants, but not Cooper. The lawmakers argue that Cooper cannot act unilaterally to expand the program under a state law adopted in 2013, countering the governor’s contentions that the statute impinges on “the core executive authority” of the executive branch.

Under Medicaid, the state and federal governments pay medical costs for low-income families and individuals, mostly poor children, some of their parents, the elderly and disabled. Expansion under the Affordable Care Act would raise income limits to cover more people, including more childless adults.

State leaders have refused to expand Medicaid coverage. The Republican-dominated legislature went so far as to approve legislation in 2013 that bars the executive branch from expanding the program.

The General Assembly is back in session, so please call Berger and Moore to let them know you do not support this absurd lawsuit and it needs to be dropped.

Sen. Phil Berger
(919) 733-5708

Rep. Tim Moore
(919) 733-3451

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