A Big Fat Middle Finger to Mike Pence


Planned Parenthood is an organization that I absolutely and fully support.

Yes, I support their abortion services (I am, after all, pro choice). But what most people fail to understand is that Planned Parenthood is so much more than that.

Only three percent of what Planned Parenthood provides is abortion services. According to the most recently available annual report (2014-2015), STI/STD Testing & Treatment was the top service provided, closely followed by contraception.

What else does Planned Parenthood offer? Cancer screenings. General family practice services for both women and men. Pregnancy tests. Prenatal services. Advocacy and Education.

We need Planned Parenthood. 

And now that Governor Mike Pence is the Vice-President Elect of the United States, we need to do all that we can to protect it.

In 2007, Mike Pence sponsored the first bill to defund Planned Parenthood. He continued to do so until one finally passed the House in 2011. That was the same year he threatened to shut down the government by not approving the budget if the bill didn’t pass.

He signed every single piece of anti-abortion legislature that came across his desk as Governor of Indiana.

He believes that condoms are “too modern” and a poor defense against STDs.

This is the man who is about to be the second in command of America. And this is the man who so desperately needs the education that Planned Parenthood provides.


So I just made a donation in Mike Pence’s name to Planned Parenthood, as many others are doing. He will be notified of the donation. This may seem like a small, ineffective thing to do – but it accomplishes two things:

  1. Money is given to help keep Planned Parenthood able to provide healthcare to those who need it.
  2. Mike Pence is the recipient of a big fat middle finger telling him that there are loads of us who don’t appreciate his archaic views and demands to control reproductive health.

And if Planned Parenthood isn’t your thing, there are many other organizations you can donate to in “honor” of Mike Pence:

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